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DESKTOP Conky - A system monitor for X

Conky is an advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X - a widget that draws text information dynamically on the desktop.

The configuration file for Conky is located in ~/.conkyrc and can be accessed from the menu under Preferences –> conky config –> edit .conkyrc

Configuration Settings

The configuration file can be split up in to two parts, the first half is general settings, the second part (after TEXT), is what is actually displayed. There is a full list of configuration settings here and a full list of Conky variables, (what is actually displayed) here, Conky also has a detailed man page listing all the variables, and can be accessed by entering

man conky 

in the terminal. In general text displayed in Conky, will follow in the order entered in the config file and newlines in the config file mean newlines in the screen. There are ways to specify a different position

 ${goto 20} 

will move the following text horizontally to 20 pixels from the far left hand side of the Conky window.

${offset 20}
${voffset 20}

These do a similar job, offset is horizontal, voffset is vertical, except unlike goto both measure from the current position, not the edge of the window.

External scripts can be called using the exec family of commands so:

${exec date}

would display the date, and:

${execi 10 ~/bin/conkyscript}

would run ~/bin/conkyscript every 10 seconds and display the output

Multiple Conky Windows

You can display multiple different Conky windows, simply create a new .conkyrc file and save it, for example as .conkyrc2, then run:

conky -c .conkyrc2 &

The '-c' flag tells conky to use a different configuration file, for further details enter the following in a terminal.

man conky

Note: you dont need to specify thats its in your home folder. To have it run on start up, add the same command to your autostart file.

Also Please see this HOWTO.

Access the Right click menu on Conky

One possible way to be able to access the main menu by right clicking on conky is in the configuration file is to change:

own_window yes


own_window no

Although please be aware that depending on your setup, this could cause other problems, such as screen flickering.

Conky Setups and Help

There are a few threads on the CrunchBang Forums with different examples of conky setups and questions and answers for conky help. The threads are:

Specific Conky HowTo's

Conky Scripts

Small scripts to add extra functionality to Conky.

See ADMIN Installing Scripts for help on installing them.

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