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Z-Obsolete LAPTOP CrunchEee Installation Guide [OBSOLETE]

:!: See also: Cruncheee partitioning and postinstall tips

This page details how to install CrunchEee, the Eee PC specific edition of CrunchBang Linux. Please follow the steps below and pay special attention to step 6.

  1. Download and install Unetbootin. If you are using CrunchBang Linux, Unetbootin is also available from CrunchBang's repository, it can be installed with the following terminal command: sudo apt-get install unetbootin
  2. Mount a big enough USB drive (1 GB is plenty), formatted as FAT.
  3. Use Unetbootin to copy the CrunchEee .iso file to the drive. See image below:
  4. Insert the USB device into your Eee PC and press ESC immediately after pressing the Power On button, select the USB device in the boot option screen that comes up.
  5. :!: When the Unetbootin boot options are displayed, select the “Default” option. DO NOT select the “Install” option at this stage, it will fail.
  6. If you selected the correct boot option, CrunchEee should now load into the default Live environment. The system can be installed by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting the install option from Openbox's main menu. If you need directions regarding the partitioning, you can have a look at the Cruncheee partitioning and postinstall tips

Good luck with your installation and please feel free to leave any feedback on the forums:

(machinebacon) There's no cruncheee anymore - at least not supported. [obsolete]

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