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DESKTOP Fullscreen an application

Basic Toggle

Pressing F11 will toggle most apps in and out of fullscreen mode, losing the panel and the app's own top bar. This is great for users of Netbooks especially.But not all apps respond to F11 in this way.

Additional ways to toggle

If F11 does not work for an application you use often, you can specify a global openbox keyboard shortcut to toggle fullscreen in.

In your openbox rc.xml (~/.config/openbox/) add the following action:

   <keybind key="A-f">
        <action name="ToggleFullscreen"/>

(This version sets the combo Alt-F as the keyboard shortcut.)

Application Specific Toggle

Emacs, for example, interprets F11 as an unknown or incomplete command to itself. And you might want to have an app start in fullscreen mode by default.

Doing this is easy. Just add an entry to the <applications> section in rc.xml. Eg for emacs -

  <application name="emacs">

So now when I launch emacs it's always fullscreen - with no way out, what with the lack of the taskbar. Except giving emacs its own cli lisp command to show the taskbar again, emacs being emacs.

You'll probably have realized when reading the above that you could have the app start maximized but NOT in fullscreen too. There are more options, and they're explained in rc.xml itself.

the article is quite 'stubby', i feel it needs more explaining of stuff etc. already did some edits to the title-formatting, to make it look better. – rhowaldt

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