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Geany is a powerful text editor using the GTK2 toolkit with basic features of an integrated development environment. It is the default editor in current releases of Crunchbang and has replaced gedit. Geany is available in the menu under 'Text Editor'. It is also attached to the keybinding W-e (Windows/superkey-e).


Geany offers a wide range of external plugins that can easily be installed through the command line. To get an overview of available plugins, open Terminal and enter:

apt-cache search geany plugins

You can install desired plugins with APT - for example the “geany-plugins” package:

sudo apt-get install geany-plugins

For more information about available plugins, visit the developer's homepage


One of the first things most users want to do is to change the default colour scheme. If you want to invert the colour scheme of geany to display coloured letters on black background, choose “Edit” → “Preferences” menu → select “Editor/Display/Invert syntax highlighting colors”.

Colour themes are available at the geany-themes project.

Tips, Tricks & HowTos

To remove the right margin green vertical line from Geany, called the “long line marker”, go to the “Edit” → “Preferences” → “Editor” → “Display” tab. Just toggle the option off and apply changes.

By default, Geany does not remember window position and geometry. To change this behaviour, go to “Edit” → “Preferences” → go to “Shutdown” → tick “Save window position and geometry”

Geany remembers the files that were open during the last session. To change this behaviour, go to the “Edit” → “Preferences” → “General” tab → uncheck “load files from last session”

Remember that you can use Geany's own colour picker tool if you are configuring colour schemes.

To run Geany in the language of your locale, start Geany like this:

LANG=C geany

and of course, change C to your language code (check here for available languages) or set your locale specific environment variables accordingly.

On geany's project website there are HowTos which make working with Geany easier or more effective.


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