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NETWORKING #! Home Server

This page outlines the use of Crunchbang Linux in the role of a home server. The goal is to produce a meta-guide to all those technologies which may be useful on a home network. It will be an ongoing project – so please make additions and requests for further info. Where appropriate, it may be best to make individual entries in the wiki and link to them here.

Security Disclaimer: While we try to follow basic good security practices, please look elsewhere if you need extreme security.

On the Guide



Static IP

Port Forwarding

Dynamic DNS

SSH Server

SSHFS (SSH File System)

File Server



Apache Webserver

CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)




Music Server






(machinebacon) The idea is good, we just need content. I would keep this overview page and add wiki entries as mentioned above.
(johnraff) agreed. No problem with the page per se, though some content would indeed be nice! (machinebacon) Linked some articles.

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