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General Rules:

  1. Read the rules.
  2. Be Civil to fellow users, don't flame, make sexist or racist remarks, or generally be nasty towards others.
  3. Do not discuss questionable topics in the channel; including (but not limited to): porn, adult humor, illegal or questionable acts and content.
  4. Do not spam or flood the channel. Multi-line ascii art, now playing information and computer setup (vpenis scrips and such) included. If you need to share a text excerpt use pastebin (
  5. Do not advertise commercial services in this channel. We're a open source project support channel, not a tool for marketing.
  6. Bots or scripts that talk are not allowed without explicit permission from channel operators.
  7. Have some common sense and respect others.
  8. Act according to Freenode channel guidelines (
  9. Do not use away nicks.
  10. Do not use colored text.

Support Rules:

If you are seeking support in the IRC channel, consider these points.

  1. Don't spam your question, people will see your question the first time, if no one can help you then post it on the forums.
  2. There's no need to ask if you can ask a question; just ask it.
  3. Use pastebin ( for large files, don't paste them into the channel!

Issue Resolution:

  1. Issue resolution is done by each moderator's best judgement. If you have complaints, act according to the Complaint Handlind section.

Complaint Handling:

If you have a complaint regarding your treatment on the IRC channel by operators or fellow users contact one of the operators the chrunchbang channel in Freenode:

  1. dizzie
  2. VastOne
  3. ParkerR
  4. shazbotmcnasty
  5. omns

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