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ABOUT List of things #! is not

#! is a shorthand for 'CrunchBang'. It is true that the number sign (#) and exclamation mark (!)1) characters have many alternative names. This could lead to some confusion. For clarification, here is a list of possible names that CrunchBang Linux is not called:

  • 0x23 0x21
  • CardinalExclamation
  • CatBang
  • CheckmateBang
  • CrateBang
  • CrosshatchBang
  • CrunchScreech
  • CrunchShriek
  • CrunchBand
  • FenceBang
  • GateBang
  • GridBang
  • GridletBang
  • HashBang
  • HashEek
  • HashPling
  • HexBang
  • MeshBang
  • OctothorpeBang2)
  • PoundBang
  • SharpBang
  • SheBang 3)
  • ShhBang
  • SpaceBang
  • SquareBang
  • U+0023 U+01C3
  • WaffleSausage

You are welcome to add alternative incorrect names, as and when you discover them.

1) See also: interrobang
2) Or Octothorp/Octathorp/OctatherpBang
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