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INSTALLATION Create #! with Debian netinstall

Crunchbang does not provide official network installation (netinstall) images, as replicating such an install is possible using the Debian Squeeze NetInstall images, and the Crunchbang Repositories.

After installing Debian via netinstall, to replicate crunchbang:

  • Edit debian repositories located in /etc/apt/sources.list from “stable” to “squeeze” (NOTE: This will not be necessary after squeeze goes stable.)
    • ## Official Debian Repositories:
      deb squeeze main contrib non-free
      deb-src squeeze main contrib non-free
      deb squeeze/updates main contrib non-free 
  • Add the Crunchbang Repositories into the same file:
    • ## Compatible with Debian Squeeze, but use at your own risk.
      deb statler main 
  • Update package cache:
    sudo apt-get update
  • Upgrade existing packages:
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  • Install either the Openbox or XFCE variants of Crunchbang with:
    • Openbox:
      sudo apt-get install crunchbang-openbox-packages
    • XFCE:
      sudo apt-get install crunchbang-xfce-packages
  • There are a few options for making sure the #!-configurations take at the user level. All user-defaults for #! are kept in the /etc/skel directory.
    1. Create a new user: this will automatically copy over the files from /etc/skel (i.e. all the #!-defautls) into the new user's home diectory. (This is probably the safest and easiest way.
    2. Overwrite current /home directory: if you want to have the #!-defaults applied to the user created during the Debian live installation you can copy over the contents of /etc/skel to your users home directory. NOTE: this may overwrite files in your /home directory so use with care.
    3. Copy configuration files selectively into your home directory: here, just copy individual folders or files into your /home directory from /etc/skel. Files you may want to transfer include:
      1.  /etc/skel/.conkyrc


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