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Release Notes - CrunchBang Linux 9.04.01

After a slight delay and a prolonged testing period, the final builds of CrunchBang Linux 9.04.01 are now available. This is the first revision of the forth release of the distribution. As the version number suggests, it is based on Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope. As with all previous releases, 9.04.01 has been built from scratch using the Ubuntu MinimalCD. The builds were completed on the 6th July 2009 and contain all security and package updates available at the time from the Ubuntu repositories.

What's new?

For the first time, CrunchBang Linux is available to download in both 32 and 64-bit builds. The addition of the 64-bit (amd64) builds were a major contributing factor to the delay of this release, although the end result was worth the extra development time. Other noticeable changes as a result of moving to the latest stable Ubuntu release include:

  • Much improved boot performance with faster start-up times.
  • Improved support for wireless cards.
  • Ext4 filesystem support.

Other changes over the previous 8.10.02 release have been kept to a minimum, with the exception of:

  • The lightweight tint2 panel/taskbar replaces lxpanel.
  • Transmission BitTorrent client replaces Deluge.
  • A full Vim installation included by default.
  • Pyroom fullscreen editor included by default.
  • Many other minor tweaks and fixes including:
    • Improved documentation added to default configuration files.
    • Openbox menu items added for commonly used configuration files.
    • New and improved default Openbox and GTK themes.
    • Additional Openbox and GTK+ themes installed, including the popular Dyne themes.

Download locations

Please see the CrunchBang Linux 9.04.01 downloads page for download locations and alternative installations methods.

Known Issues

CrunchBang is built using many base packages provided by Ubuntu, therefore it inherits some known issues. Please see the Jaunty Jackalope release notes at:

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