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Wiki Editors' Guide

The Crunchbang Wiki is currently being reorganised. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please help us if you can! The process is being discussed on the Crunchbang Forum here:
If you would like to add to or modify something in this guide, all input is most welcome but please discuss any changes at the above forum thread before modifying this document.

General Point
Follow the doctor's principle “First, do no harm”. That is, please DON'T DELETE ANYTHING at this point. If you wish to correct, for example, a command line, don't edit it directly, but enclose it in brackets, set the font size smaller, mark it as deleted or move it to the bottom of the page. Then write in the correct command, with a note explaining your change, adding your forum username so you can be contacted if someone wants to discuss the correction. This will result in messy-looking pages at this stage, but they can be cleaned up later and we would like to avoid changes that cannot be reversed.

When all the work of reorganisation is done, this page will probably be removed.


Problems fall in two areas, content and organization.
(1) Content: some wiki pages contain information which is out of date, often because it was written when Crunchbang was based on Ubuntu, not Debian as it now is. The first step in dealing with this is to mark all such pages so that they can later be moved to an “archive” section of the wiki. This phase of the work has now been completed.
(2) Organization: there are a number of problems here, such as indexing, languages and duplication. These are being tackled now, but more work needs to be done, especially in other languages than English.

(1) Marking outdated pages

This marking process has now been completed
The titles of pages which still need attention now all begin with a Z, for example “Z-edit…” or Z-obsolete…”. This is so that they will all come at the end of the alphabetical index. Pages which in the marking phase had [OK] at the end of their titles now have no extra marks at all. These pages are considered, indeed, OK.

Just for future reference, the following marking system was used:

When you read a wiki page, either because you were looking something up or because you are systematically checking through a number of pages, if all the information given is correct, and applicable to the current Stable “Statler” Crunchbang version, then add [OK] to the end of the page's title, so that it will appear in the contents page. (NB please be sure to add tags to the end of the page title, so its place in the alphabetical list won't change.)

If some of the information needs revising, mark the page title [NEEDS EDITING] and add a comment to the page itself, with your username. If the comment needs to be read by wiki users put it at the top of the page, and if it's for other editors to read put it at the bottom.
If you feel qualified to edit the page, and have time, by all means go ahead and do it at that point, marking the title [OK] when you've finished. Please don't delete the outdated information, however, just mark it as such and add the correct information.

If the page is no longer applicable, or has so much outdated content that it would be easier to write a new one from scratch, mark the title [OUTDATED] and add a comment to the top of the page with your username.

In any of the above cases, if you would like a second opinion, then add a question mark to the title: [OK?], [NEEDS EDITING?] or [OUTDATED?], and a longer comment in the page explaining where the difficulty is.

If you find a page whose title is marked with a question mark, have a look and if you can resolve the issue change the title mark and add a comment (with username) to the page. If you can't clear up the situation, just leave it alone.

So the possible marks for page titles are:
(nothing) - the page hasn't been checked yet
[OK] [OK?]

If you find a page that doesn't seem to fit in any of these categories, come and discuss it at the above forum thread. We can add another category or change the marking rules.


Pages in other languages than English all have titles beginning with “WIKI”, eg “WIKI-de…” or “WIKI-es…”. Pages which cannot be used in their current state now all have titles which begin with “Z”. “Z-edit…” means that the page contains useful information, but part of it needs changing. “Z-obsolete…” means that the information is now out of date, and it would be easier to write a new page than update the old one. These pages will eventually be archived elsewhere.

If you can help fix an article marked “Z-edit”, please follow these steps:

  1. Edit the page. Remove the Z-edit tag. The article will then slip into its normal category.
  2. Simply post here something like “I made changes to page XXXXXX - please check”. Minimal changes (change of URL, change of single words, removal of dead links) do not need to be notified on the forums.
  3. Whenever other users have time, they check. The article can 'pass' by default.
  4. If others change the content, they keep the old info alive, just simply add new info. Minimal changes (wording, removal of dead links) do not need to be notified on the forums.


Thank you for any help you are able to give. :)

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